Weekend escape.

We’re creatures of habit, especially when we find ourselves looking to get away for a few days. We tend to have one or two default travel locations, places where we know we will instantly find something resembling relaxation… maybe even rejuvenation. This past weekend, though, I rediscovered a forgotten love I hadn’t visited in years: Chicago. It was a fantastic four days of wander, wonder, friendship, and music. I am, once again, smitten.

Here are a few snapshots from the trip, all taken with my iPhone and posted to Instagram:







Until we meet again, Chicago. Soon, it will be soon.

[For more pictures of Chicago and various other life moments — that means lots of dog pics — you can find me on Instagram by clicking here or searching for my user name, @jeffreyaward.]

2 thoughts on “Weekend escape.

  1. Jeffrey,

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Chicago. The pictures were wonderful, and it sounds like it was relaxing and fun! I am glad you were able to get away for a weekend of relaxation with a friend! I love and highly re- gard you as Chelli’s husband and my son-in-law. You are special!


    Wanda (Mom Hartman)


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