“Among women who don’t get pregnant, the abortion rate is zero.” I saw that quote in the middle of a Bulwark article about today’s March For Life and it got me thinking. For those “pro-life” marchers, if they really want a world with no abortion — as they claim — it would only make sense […]

The illness assumption.

I know and love people who struggle with various forms of mental illness. They are caring and beautiful souls, who just happen to be afflicted with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Sometimes these imbalances are easily kept in check with medications or therapy and sometimes these people fight for years to find a treatment […]

The monster.

Rather than rejoice over the death of one very flawed — and I would assume, exceedingly tortured — man, maybe the best way to mark the occasion of Fred Phelps’ passing is to (re)dedicate ourselves to fighting the sort of bigotry he embodied… in whatever form, wherever we may find it. Remember, bigotry doesn’t always […]

Horror in Steubenville.

I’ve started to post something about the Steubenville rape case several times over the last few days, but I never seem to be able to quite compartmentalize my own disgust long enough to get something coherent in print. So, rather than wait for coherency, I’ve decided to cast any hope for it aside. My disgust, […]


There is no “war on Christmas.” Let’s just get that out of the way, right up front. And while we’re on the subject, there should be nothing offensive about being on the giving or the receiving end of a heart-felt Happy Holidays. I mean, honestly. We hardly have our Thanksgiving turkey digested each year before […]

Ultimate justice.

In a recent Republican debate, when moderator Brian Williams pointed out that Governor Rick Perry’s state of Texas has executed “more death row inmates than (under) any other governor in modern times,” the crowd of Tea Party types cheered. Whether you like Perry or not (I don’t) or agree with the death penalty or not […]