My wife is an addict. There were a great many years when I wouldn’t have been able to type that sentence, much less express it publicly. Just the word addict was full of too much stigma, too much shame, and too much responsibility. So, I called it other things or, preferably, nothing at all. It […]

The whistler.

[ Photo: Me & Grandpa, 1972ish ] For as long as I can remember, my grandfather has been a whistler. Usually he’s whistling an old church hymn or, occasionally, a country tune that was around long before I was a blip on the family radar, back when country music was worth listening to, he’d probably […]

A little civility.

If you’ve paid even a bit of attention to my Facebook fawnings, you already know of my affection for the band The Civil Wars. I’m a bona fide music nut, no question, with a range of musical tastes that is only surpassed by my apparent Musical Attention Deficit Disorder, or MADD. No offense to the […]


Yes, it’s true. I have always been of the opinion that for someone to blog — to decide that his or her words, however inane, should be read by others — well, it takes a certain level of narcissistic asshattery. And yet, here we are. Pleasure to meet you. The truth is… I have no […]