When you hear a story about someone dealing with a cancer diagnosis, there is often the inevitable (and somewhat cliché) mention of the importance of “catching it early.” I’m here to tell you that certain things become a cliché for a reason. This past summer, my wife was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in a small area […]


When I was just a kid, we had a burnt-orange colored corduroy sofa in the living room. The sofa was part of our good furniture in a room that was only used on those rare “special” occasions, yet somehow the room is a fixture in most of my distinct childhood memories, of which there are […]


There is no “war on Christmas.” Let’s just get that out of the way, right up front. And while we’re on the subject, there should be nothing offensive about being on the giving or the receiving end of a heart-felt Happy Holidays. I mean, honestly. We hardly have our Thanksgiving turkey digested each year before […]


There was a freak ice storm on the day of our wedding — in just a couple days, it will be nineteen years since — that practically paralyzed Tulsa, the city where we’d planned to carve out a life together. Although I was worried about people safely making it to the festivities (most notably, our […]