The Arizona sun.

The first time we escaped to Arizona together was on our honeymoon in December of 1992. It was the first trip we’d taken anywhere together, just the two of us, and it all felt forbidden, new, and strangely exciting. I remember our giddiness as we, far more often than was necessary, would announce “this is […]


[ Photo: My grandfather, James H. Ward, & his brother, John | 1944 ] Both my father and grandfather served in the military. I knew this fact when I was growing up, although neither really ever talked about it much. I do remember that my grandfather had an old picture of a navy ship in […]

Step 9.

The first time my wife made any sort of official “amends,” she handed me a letter as she was getting out of the car at Starbucks. “This is for you,” she said, with no real warning or preparation for what I was about to read. “I’ll be right back.” So, while she waited on some […]