I forgive you.

I’m good with numbers. I can tell a joke, keep a secret, and I remember birthdays and anniversaries. I’m a problem solver with good listening skills and I even can do my own laundry. Unfortunately, none of these moderately admirable qualities can make up for this glaring deficit of mine. I’m just not very good […]

Beautifully broken.

My journals are filled with pain. The very act of writing has often been a respite for me, a time for soul-searching therapy and then, a necessary emotional purging. Committing my disconsolate feelings to the written word both acknowledges and organizes the brokenness. And so, when I’ve found myself in the trenches of some sort […]


Throughout the depths of my wife’s addiction, and then into her early recovery, I talked to almost no one about it. I know that part of my silence was because of my own shame, part of it was because of my inability to adequately articulate the quiet madness that was consuming me, and part was […]

The letting go.

Several years ago, when my wife’s addiction was nearing its breaking point, she made a trip to visit her extended family in New Mexico. She wasn’t really used to traveling solo — she’d be the first to tell you that she’s not a great traveler, even in the best of circumstances — so this was […]