100 anniversaryWhen I started this blog just over two years ago, I didn’t have a plan. Or even a theme, really. I knew there were some things I needed to get off my chest, topics that required a bit more thought and space than a Facebook post would allow. And I knew I wanted to contribute to the music sharing community of blogs that I’d come to follow. But that was pretty much it.

Now, some twenty-six months later, I’ve completed an even hundred posts on a blog that I wasn’t sure would keep my interest for more than a couple weeks. The frequency of posts has tapered off a bit in recent months, a product of a cluttered life and a chest less full of things warranting removal, but I’m still committed to keeping the “Sometimes I ramble” adventure alive. Only asshats blog, as the tagline reads, and we all know I am hopelessly guilty as charged.

When I published my first post about our battle with my wife’s addiction (you can find that post, called “Lottery,” by clicking here), I assumed it would be one-and-done… I’d make the grand admission, put it all out there, then move on to something else. The surprise of that post was two-fold. First, the thing I feared for so long (letting go of the obsessive — and ultimately, ineffective — image control that had become a byproduct of the disease) was far more healing than I ever could have imagined. Secondly, and more wonderfully, were the conversations that began as a result of that post. In the last two years, I’ve talked with dozens of people who were either in the midst of their own addictive struggles or were attempting to come to terms with a loved one’s addiction. I’ve made new friends, learned new things about old friends, and grown in my own healing as a result. I still don’t believe “everything happens for a reason,” but I’ve been fortunate to find a purpose in the retelling of some of our darkest moments. Thank you for that.

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And, of course, there should always be music. I love discovering new artists, sharing my musical preferences with friends, and learning about the music that other people hold dear. Life has a soundtrack, so this blog should, too.

[Interested in discovering some new tunes or maybe revisiting an old favorite? Click HERE for a complete catalog of those posts.]

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Mostly, thanks for following along for the first hundred. It’s been — you’ve been — appreciated.