If you haven’t heard about it already, there’s an important movie/documentary coming to theaters in March about the bullying epidemic in this country. I’d urge you to watch the official trailer for the film below and make a point to see the film when it’s released in your area.

Bullying is an issue that seems to get a lot of attention shortly after there’s been an incident of school violence, like this week’s rampage at northern Ohio’s Chardon High School, or the suicide of a bullied kid who simply saw no other way out of a personal hell. While situations like those are certainly unimaginable tragedies, we must also remember that countless kids are bullied each and every day, yet it never makes the news. Quietly, their lives are often inexplicably changed forever.

Please take a moment to watch the film’s trailer, share it with a friend, and take a stand:

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, there’s a dispute about the rating this film has received. The R rating, allegedly due to some of the language of the “bullies” in the film, will keep it from being viewed by many of the kids who really need to see it. To sign a petition directed at the MPAA, with the hope of having the rating reduced to PG-13, click here. For more information on the movie and The Bully Project, visit their website here.

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