Nip and tuck.

In honor of the new year — or maybe because I was a bit bored — I’ve given the blog a little bit of a nip and tuck. Nothing extreme. This isn’t some Real Housewife lip plump situation. It’s just a subtle color tweak and a new font or two. You might not even notice the change. Maybe you’ll just think it looks like the blog is well rested or something.

Even so, you could take this opportunity to catch up on some missed posts. Or, if you really want to commit, you could subscribe (click on the “Ramble me!” button under my picture), so you can receive an email greeting each time I publish something new. Who doesn’t want more email, really? There’s a button to add my blog to your RSS feed, too, if you’re into that sort of thing. I don’t judge. I should also mention that all of my posts now have buttons under them that allow you to share a link to the post via email, Facebook, or Twitter. I’d be honored. Even if Twitter makes me crazy. And for the love of all things holy, please feel free to comment and participate. I like it when you ramble, too, after all.

Mostly, I’m just glad you’re here. If you weren’t, I’d be the crazy guy who talks to himself.

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