When I started this blog a few months ago, I had no idea what to expect. Having no expectations and no real agenda was a blessing, I’m discovering, because anything gained as a result has been the most pleasant surprise.

Those of you who have taken the time to participate in this blogging experience with me — whether you’ve just casually read a couple of my posts, subscribed to its updates, shared a comment or two, offered kind words of encouragement, recommended a song or a band after reading a few of my own recommendations, or written to me about your own stories of dealing with a loved one’s addiction and recovery — have been a part of this most incredible gift that I simply didn’t anticipate.

Thank you for that.

Like many people, I tend to get reflective around the holidays. There’s a certain nostalgia that’s inevitable as a result of closing out a year and starting anew, turning yet another year older, and spending time with loved ones I simply don’t see often enough during the non-holiday seasons. That nostalgia often — when we’re lucky — gives way to gratitude, then the gratitude to hope. And so, the holidays are here and I find myself thankful, appreciative, and hopeful about tomorrow’s tomorrow.

My wish for you and yours this holiday season is that same nostalgia, that same gratitude, and that same hope.

Merry Christmas.

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