This past March, Lucinda Williams released a new album called Blessed. While I’ve been aware of her country/bluesy/folk music for some time (after all, she’s been making music for a few decades now), her hypnotic duet with Karin Bergquist — “Undamned,” a beautiful song about love and grace and redemption — on Over the Rhine’s gorgeous The Long Surrender album gave me an opportunity to reacquaint myself with her and her music. I’m glad I did.

Lucinda put out a series of short “blessed” themed videos prior to the album’s release, part album promotion and part inspiration, that I found really compelling, too. You can watch them all below. They are described as follows:

Individual Testimonials of what it means to be “BLESSED”. Everyday people from the city of Los Angeles, CA sharing their story of why they are Blessed. These beautiful stories were volunteered, when simply asked to hold in their own hand writing a sign featuring the title of the upcoming album.

The overriding idea of the project, I gather, is that we’re all blessed in some way, regardless of our individual circumstances. The key is in the ability to recognize those blessings. And heck, maybe a sign helps, too.

Enjoy. Be blessed.

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