Yes, it’s true. I have always been of the opinion that for someone to blog — to decide that his or her words, however inane, should be read by others — well, it takes a certain level of narcissistic asshattery. And yet, here we are. Pleasure to meet you.

The truth is… I have no real plan, no objective, and no vision for what might become of this little adventure. I realize that’s not the best sales pitch and yet, I’m okay with it. These days, I’m just not that big on plans. Mostly because when I spend a lot of time obsessively making them (why bother doing something if you’re not doing it obsessively?), life usually has another in mind anyway. Isn’t that just the way.

And so, we begin. Maybe this will become a thing. Maybe you’ll read it. Maybe we’ll get to know each other better as a result. It could happen. Stranger things have.

Sometimes I ramble,

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